ERSO I: Enhancement of the co-operation between 10 European Reintegration Support Organisations (ERSO I)

This first ERSO project, implemented in 2007, focused on the exchange of expertise, working methods and information concerning the partner organisations in the countries of origin between the 10 different ERSO partners in Europe. 10 European organisations were involved: Refugee Action (UK), Caritas International BElgium, Caritas AUstria, JRS Portugal, Caritas bulgaria, ICMC, Caritas Europa, Raphaels-Werk (DE), Caritas Essen (DE) and the Cordaid-Mediation Agency for Return (NL).

During several meetings, it became clear that even though the organisations shared the same commitment to assist returnees as much as possible during the whole process of counselling, returning and reintegration; there were substantial differences as far as their focus and working methods concerned. Therefore, it was decided upon to organise internships for several staff members of the different organisations, often in combination with visits from partner organisations from the different countries of origin.