Accem is a NGO, a non-profit organisation, that provides counseling and reception to refugees and immigrants in Spain promoting social integration, equal rights and duties of everyone regardless of origin, sex, race, religion or social group.
Having to leave your own country is never easy. On the other hand it’s not easy for the society that receives the migrant either. That’s why Accem works to create a fairer society, balanced and equal, based on the conviction that a plural society provides us all with social and cultural enrichment.
Accem develops programmes that deal with the needs of refugees and immigrants: counseling, reception, return, training and social and labour integration with special attention to the most vulnerable: the unaccompanied minors, women and ethnic minorities. At the same time we develop projects addressed to the whole population such as professional training, volunteers and to raise public awareness.

Accem was established as a non-profit-making-Association in the Spanish Home Office in 1991, but our experience dates back to the fifties. Fifty years ago when we began to work in the migration field our efforts were aimed at supporting Spanish workers who emigrated to other European countries. After Spain acknowledged in 1978 the Geneva Convention on the Refugee Statute we began to work on resettlement, and then providing counseling and reception of refugees and asylum seekers. Currently the increase in the number of immigrants in the Spanish society has meant a rise in the number of programmes and projects that we are developing, with a constant growth in our capacity to act in the area of refugees and migration.
Accem is already working in eleven provinces as well as in the autonomous communities of Ceuta and Melilla.
Accem works for and with people supporting them to achieve their goals, encouraging them to gain greater control and improve their quality of life. Everything we do is possible thanks to the effort and dedication of a team consisting of about 465 workers, over 210 collaborators and about 465 volunteers.

ACCEM is funded by:

The different programmes which Accem implements and manages are financed by both public and private funds
(European, National, Regional and Local funds) in the form of grants, agreements and contracts.

Target group of the ERSO member (in the context of return and reintegration):

Accem's target group in the context of return and reintegration are immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees and persons in need of international protection who want to return to their country of origin.

Does the ERSO member offer pre-departure counseling?

Accem offers pre-departure counselling. The procedure in the return program is as follows:
After preparing a list with all the cases that the
organization considers susceptible to enter the return program , the list is submitted as return proposals to the General Directorate of the Integration of the Immigrants - Direccion General de Integracion de los Inmigrantes
(DGII), where an evaluation of the cases presented will be done. Afterwards, the DGII will summit a list of the personal data of the persons who have requested the services to the Operational Chief of the Services of the
Frontier Post, who will check if those ones willing to return do not have any administrative impediment or penal causes pending before leaving Spain. Once there is not administrative hindrance, the DGII communicates to each organization the possibility of processing the request of voluntary return.
From that moment on, the returnee is contacted to start with the specific return procedure to the country of origin and can receive:
-orientation and information;
-processing of all the documentation;
-flights arrangements;
-economic allowances for traveling costs and tickets;
-internal displacements;
-accommodation according to every cases;
-some previous and extra expenses;
-assessments reports and follow up.

What kind of reintegration assistance does the ERSO member offer to returnees?

Accem offers reintegration assistance through several complementary actions targeting the satisfaction of the most immediate needs of the returnees:
-information and initial orientation when the returnees arrive to the international airports once the migratory procedures have been concluded before the authorities;
-temporary assistance depending on the needs: accommodation, food, clothing, family contacts, internal transport, psychological orientation and rehabilitation in specialized centres;
-medical emergency attention: volunteer medical assistance, medicines and adequate treatment when required;
-documentation issued by the countries of origin according to the individual necessities.

Partners in the context of voluntary return and reintegration:

National level: Accem cooperates with other organizations involved in voluntary return programs such as Spanish Red Cross, Rescate, IOM, MPDL , Caritas Española, CEPAIM and MPDL.

EU level: Buen Pastore, Soleterre Onlus, Consiglio Italiano per Refugiati (CIR), VwV, CIRE, Caritas Belgium ,The Danish Refugee Council.

Countries of origin: ACCEM started to work with different partners in Bolivia.