ERSO Projects

Since the ERSO Network started in 2006, 4 projects have been deleiverd by the network.

The first project, ERSO I, started in 2007 and focused on the exchange of information among European ERSO members through internships.

This project’s intention was to enable ERSO staff to learn from each other’s practical work, to become acquainted with the specific institutional environment in each EU country and to learn more about the NGO contacts in the refugee origin countries.  

ERSO II, launched in 2008, offered reintegration support in Armenia, Kosovo, Mongolia, Ukraine and Sierra Leone. The exchange of information under ERSO I was the foundation for the implementation of the focal point system: a European ERSO member is responsible for the follow-up of reintegration support in a particular country of return.

Ukraine Solidarity Net framed within ERSO II and focused on reintegration and networking in Ukraine.

ERSO WEST started in January 2011 and ended in December 2013. This project offered on reintegration support in 5 African countries (Morocco, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon and Sierra Leone) through 5 local NGOs that had already a partnership with one of the ERSO members. Caritas International (Belgium), Accem (Spain) and Maatwerk bij Terugkeer (the Netherlands) are the European focal points for these countries.

The ERSO SURE-VD project supported vulnerable and disadvantaged people in their reintegration process. The project ran between November 2012 and April 2014. ERSO SURE-VD comprised 4 European focal points: Maatwerk bij Terugkeer (Netherlands), Caritas Austria, Refugee Action (UK) and Caritas International Belgium for 3 Asian countries respectively: Iraq, Mongolia and Pakistan and a learning partner METAction (Greece).