The European Reintegration Support Organisations – ERSO Network is a network of non-governmental return counselling and reintegration support organisations working and closely cooperating in the field of migration and development.

Common Standards of the ERSO Network

Mission Statement

ERSO Network members believe that migration entails a potential of having a positive impact on the development of countries of origin/return (CoO) which can be unlocked and fostered by improving the reintegration of returnees in the local community of their countries of origin. Therefore the Network’s focus lies on the improvement of the social and professional reintegration of returnees and the involvement of the local society in that process (community-based approach).

It is not the intention of the ERSO Network to promote voluntary return and persuade migrants to leave the EU, but to offer them support to take a free and self-determined decision on return and – if they decided in favour of the return – to help them to fully reintegrate in their local society.

ERSO Network members

  • respect the individual’s right to self-determination to decide for or against a voluntary return by providing impartial non-directive
  • stand for respect for human dignity and human rights
  • stand for fair procedures and best practises in voluntary return and reintegration counselling and assistance services.

 ERSO Network members provide and implement

  • impartial counselling and/or assistance to (rejected) asylum seekers and migrants in an irregular situation regarding their voluntary return and reintegration
  • reintegration measures after return in partnership with civil societies in Countries of origin; in order to contribute to the development of the local society the migrant returns to, tailor made reintegration packages are designed applying a community based approach.
  • capacity building measures such as information and awareness raising campaigns aiming at informing potential migrants about migration laws and policies and implications of irregular migration.

 The ERSO Network further

  • enhances an understanding of and complementarity with existing government assisted voluntary return and reintegration programs, projects and activities.
  • wants to contribute to the harmonization of the current systems and differing approaches implemented by EU Member States which not only build up an unfair system, but bear a potential of discontent between returnees and challenge the sustainability of a voluntary return. It does so by offering every individual the same assistance and opportunities no matter where he/she returns from and where to.
  • aims at building upon more coherence of projects and possibilities in the field of voluntary return and reintegration.

ERSO Network members strongly distance themselves from providing assistance to forced return initiatives. Nevertheless this category of returnees is also in urgent need of reintegration support and cannot be ignored. Therefore ERSO Network members consider it as a plight - imposed on them by the mere fact of return - to provide these returnees with support and assistance after their return where possible.